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Save Time and Money!

Through technology stacking, design thinking, and e-learning platforms, Think Grids can create a just-in-time employee training and learning solution that's unique to your business.

This includes desktop and mobile evergreen cinematic, non-boring online training that keep employees engaged, matched with gamification to improve profits and company efficiency.  

Accessible anytime and anywhere.

Online Employee Training

Consistently training new employees has not only been shown to improve overall company efficiency, but is great for revenue growth.


According to eLearning Industry, providing sales reps with on-the-job product training, educating leaders on the importance of soft skills in the workplace is key to a successful company.


Even better when training with the flexibility and mobility of online, studies have shown the following return on investment:


For every $1 invested, $41 dollar of productivity is returned to a company's bottomline. 

Business and

Online training is not just for business. Non-profits and organizations in need online, mobile-friendly engaging content can benefit online course creation to meet the causal needs.


Check out how Think Grids helped one organization moved their in-person training to online to deal with the pandemic.

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Post Covid
Profits and Productivity

Post pandemic, many companies are struggling to keep up with their business as usual.


Employees demand more freedom and want more control over their time. 


In short, many want to work from home part of the time. This included new hires.


This presents a few problems for employers.


First, training new employees takes time and money.


Second, it's been shown that workers are more productive when they have some freedom and flexibility in how they work. 


Solution: Allow employees to train remotely on their own schedule using a company branded online learning management system (LMS).


This will not only save you time and money, but it will also allow your employees to learn in a way that is comfortable for them.


Plus, Think Grids LMS is easy to use and can be tailored to your company's specific needs.


For example, Client Onboarding and Freelancers Training

Learn how your company can increase productivity and profits, Post-Covid, with a company branded WorkOS with an LMS (employee training and client onboarding).

Designed Learning Cinematic Flare

If you have ever had to attend employee training, it can not only be boring and but very time-consuming. What's worse, being taught an incredible amount of information in a short period of time (usually in a few hours).


Leaving you with more questions than solutions.

Even worse, more confused about the purpose or the job to be done.

With Think Grids design thinking and studio process, the content employees engage with is designed to a company's needs.


More importantly, cinematic content created in a micro-learning fashion that makes comprehension easy!

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