ThinkGrids a tech stacking, digital asset management and development firm. We leverages business & eLearning technologies, with design thinking to help companies, schools, and religious organizations run a more efficient organization. Moreover, connect, train, and educate employees, students, and people. 


Some of what we do through our technology stacking and social-teach-learn approach©:

  • Develop the right combination of tech stacking to increase sales, organization outcomes, and profits in all departments

  • Convert classroom curriculum into online courses via learning management systems (LMS)

  • Develop company and corporate training for employees and senior management

  • Training company employees in the use of online conferencing and webinar platforms  

  • Company Webinar Training and Sales

  • eCommerce Sales

  • Learning technology development for Entrepreneurs


Who Uses Our Services:

  • Companies in need of employee and corporate online training

  • Private Schools, PREP Academies, and Private Graduate Schools expanding access to online learning for students

  • Religious Organizations needing a database of teachings (e.g. video and written sermons) 

  • Religious Organizations expanding access to online curriculum for members (e.g. online course)

  • Entrepreneurs seeking online courses development for selling and redistribution


Our approach equates better people connections and desired outcomes.




We have seen an increase in online learning and corporate training in recent. Many entrepreneurs, startups, companies, private schools, and even religious organization see the need to increase access to the people their services.

In fact, many organizations that have adapted to the online model have been successful in merging the bricks-n-clicks business.


Online learning technologies allows the flexibility to meet people where they are while providing them with services, training, and information pertinent to their success.


In the current business landscape, many companies believe that simply using conferencing and webinar software (e.g. Zoom) and/or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is the best way to keep employees, students, and congregations engaged and educated.


Partially true! 


What is needed are secure systems 100% dedicated to organization, schools, and religious organizations alike.


In short, technology development and stacking is required.



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We grow revenue, engage, and enable learning through the following services. 

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Recently, the marketplace has been affected by a worldwide pandemic.


Many organizations were not prepared and were left to scramble with understanding consumer engagement and learning based technologies. 


Figuring out how to leverage technology is key to remaining competitive and keeping work staff employed.

Our new reality is that small and Fortune 500 companies alike have to do business in a way that gives customers, students, and others "choice". The choice is how they shop, learn, and engage. 

No Worries!


Our approach is specific to your business situation.